What is Angelman syndrome?

What is International Angelman Day?

Spread Awareness



Light Up Blue

Together we can shine a light on Angelman syndrome!

Many famous landmarks around the world are regularly illuminated in different colours to commemorate certain events. Lighting up a landmark becomes a public display of community support for the cause that reaches a wider audience and generates further media interest.

Families from the Angelman community around the world have successfully approached their local authorities to ask for their local landmarks (buildings, bridges or natural landmarks) to Light up BLUE on 15 FEB, for International Angelman Day. All of this helps to raise more awareness for Angelman syndrome. 

The more people who get to know about AS, the more opportunities to raise funds for your national AS organisation – so they can fund further research and resources. Raising awareness for Angelman syndrome can also help to promote social change for inclusion.

Please look around and see what landmarks you could light up BLUE in your part of the world.  It is always worth asking or giving it a go yourself!

Click on the links below for some of the media coverage on landmarks lit up in BLUE to help raise global awareness for AS on International Angelman Day:

THANK YOU to all those families and friends who work hard each year on International Angelman Day, to light up their local landmarks in BLUE and help to raise awareness for Angelman syndrome.

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