What is Angelman syndrome?

What is International Angelman Day?




Make it your own and share!

Discover a wealth of downloadable graphics and templates in our resource section, tailored for effective Angelman syndrome advocacy. From customizable profile picture frames to eye-catching ‘Save the Date’ posts, our toolkit empowers you to share your support effortlessly.

The IAD logo

The IAD logo belongs to everyone in the International Angelman Day Collective.

  • The logo can be used anywhere, by anyone, provided it is used only to promote the purposes specified on this website. 

  • The logo must be used as shown and should not be adapted or changed in any way.

IAD logo in different languages

The logo has been designed in multiple languages to reflect the diverse and global nature of our community. Below, you’ll find PNG versions for use on both light and dark backgrounds, ensuring the flexibility you need for your website, promotional materials, or social media platforms.

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